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Tom McKay

YouTubers, Instagram devotees and other vaguely influential social media “influencers” don’t have the greatest reputation as of late. That’s with fairly good reason, because whenever one of their controversies explodes into the real world it’s usually some kind of horrifying thing like Logan Paul’s Aokigahara forest video , brand endorsements that flirt with the FTC’s patience , or worse, anything involving PewDiePie .

An incident this week isn’t likely to help that perception. Per the BBC , a “huge row” has erupted over British YouTuber Elle Darby, who reached out to the Dublin-based hotel White Moose Cafe requesting a free stay in exchange for publicity via her 87,000 YouTube and 76,000 Instagram subscribers. According to the Independent , Darby wrote an email touting her occupation as a “social media influencer, mainly lifestyle, beauty travel based,” adding that she “would love to feature you in my YouTube videos/dedicated Instagram stories/posts to bring traffic to your hotel and recommend others to book up in return for free accommodation.”

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7/02/18 11:16am

Darby told the BBC that the email was “a very normal thing to send if you work as a social media influencer.”

White Moose Cafe owner Paul Stenson, who is the kind of guy who sells shirts velvet fine line cami dress Green Dion Lee Clearance Cheapest Cheap Purchase Sast Cheap Price Outlet Discount Extremely 2If8KGj
, did not take the request well. He posted an acrid (but name-redacted) response to Facebook, where he generated thousands of likes and shares writing, “Thank you for your email looking for free accommodation in return for exposure. It takes a lot of balls to send an email like that, if not much self-respect and dignity.”

“If I let you stay here in return for a feature in your video, who is going to pay the staff who look after you?” Stenson continued. He added:

Lucky for us, we too have a significant social media following. We have 186k followers on our two Facebook pages, an estimated 80k on our Snapchat, 32k on Instagram and a paltry 12k on our Twitter, but Jesus Christ, I would never in a million years ask anyone for anything for free ... The above stats do not make me any better than anyone else or afford me the right to not pay for something everyone else has to pay for.

The row predictably escalated from there, with Darby posting a video claiming to have been humiliated and bullied online on January 16th, shortly followed by an alleged flood of negative online reviews for Stenson’s hotel. On January 17th, Stenson retaliated by banning all vloggers from his business.

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Related How-Tos

Registering a trademark for a company name is pretty straightforward. Many businesses can file an application online in less than 90 minutes, without a lawyer’s help. The simplest way to register is on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Web site, .

Before completing the online registration form, check the site’s Trademark Electronic Search System (“TESS”) database to make sure another company hasn’t already registered an identical or similar mark for the same categories of goods or services you offer. U.S. trademark protection is granted to the first entity to use a particular mark in the geographic area where it operates, regardless of whether the mark is registered. But if your chosen mark is already registered by another company — even if you used it first — your registration will be rejected and you’ll probably want a lawyer to help you proceed.

Online trademark registration costs between $275 and $325 and requires information such as the categories of goods and services for which the mark will be used, date of the mark’s first use in commerce and whether there’s a design component to the mark you’re seeking. Internet businesses registering their names should generally refrain from registering their Web extension, such as .com or .net, with their name, unless they’re planning to register the mark both with and without. Getting a trademark without the domain extension will help prevent other businesses from registering the same name by just adding a different extension. Don’t designate a specific design of your trademark in order to get the broadest protection.

You should receive a response to your application within six months of filing, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Web site . There are some scenarios where registering through an intellectual-property attorney — or at least seeking legal advice beforehand — makes sense. If your desired mark is similar to another registered mark, or similar enough to confuse people, there’s a decent chance your registration will be contested.

What’s more, it’s difficult to register names deemed too generic or descriptive (think “The Ice Cream Shop” or “We Sell Plants”). A trademark lawyer perhaps can help you find a way to get at least some protection.

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Small Business Headlines

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Managing today's young adults at your small business, since they generally have a different mindset; and entrepreneurial opportunities regarding Cuba.

"type": "blog" settings are not updated when switching presets.

Settings of type page generate a drop-down that is automatically filled with the names of all pages in the store. The output of the option the merchant selects from the drop-down is the handle of the page.

"type": "page" settings are not updated when switching presets.

Settings of type link_list generate a drop-down that is automatically filled with the names of all the menus in the store. The output of the option the merchant selects from the drop-down is the handle of the link list menu.

link_list settings accept an optional default parameter, which can be set to main-menu or footer .

"Link lists" are called "menus" in the Navigation page of the Shopify admin.

A url setting lets merchants link to one of the following resources using a picker in the theme editor:

url settings accept an optional default parameter, which can be set to /collections or /collections/all .

For example:

With Liquid

A video_url setting lets merchants insert a video as the content for a block using the video's URL:

A video_url setting can have the following attributes:

You can reference a video_url setting with Liquid using the syntax {{ settings.video_url }} . You can reference parts of the URL with Liquid parameters:

You can use richtext settings to allow text content with basic formatting. Supported formatting options are bold, italic, underline, links, and paragraphs.

Supported HTML tags: <p> , <br> , <strong> , <b> , <em> , <i> , <u> , <span> , <a>

More HTML tags will be supported in the future.

Top level nodes (including text nodes) should always be wrapped in <p> tags.

An html setting lets merchants add custom HTML code which renders as content for a block. Unclosed tags are automatically closed when settings are saved.

Most HTML tags are supported, but some tags such as <html> , <head> , and <body> will be automatically removed.

You can use article settings to reference articles in a Shopify store. Articles function in much the same way as page or product settings, in that they return the handle for the referenced object which can be retrieved with a global variable (in this case, articles ).

The sidebar settings in settings_schema.json are not used for input elements and can't be configured by merchants. Use these settings to add organizational information to your sidebar so that merchants can easily find the input settings they require.

It is difficult to overstate the power of this idea. It is elegant. It is intuitive. There’s even evidence to back it up: Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan David denim shirt Bevilacqua Purchase For Sale zbbuu5YXs5
that public companies with a large (more than 5% of shares outstanding) shareholder who isn’t the CEO are better governed, pay their executives more rationally, and outperform companies that have no such “principal” minding the store. What’s missing, though, is a clear answer to the question of what to do in the absence of such a principal. When shareholders are widely dispersed, how can they keep managers in check?

Institutional investors—mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies—have become the chief owners of the shares of U.S. corporations. The data below actually understate the institutional share by leaving out hedge funds, which don’t disclose enough information for government statisticians to track them reliably, and thus fall mostly in the “household” category.

Read more

They have only two major tools at their disposal—selling shares or casting votes. Both are problematic. Selling can be said to discipline managers by driving the stock price down, but it’s awfully hard for one shareholder, even a big one, to have a discernible impact. Also, among the biggest shareholders are index funds, which can’t choose to sell—they must own all the stocks in a given market index. And more generally, as we’ve seen, stock prices are noisy and fitful in their conveyance of information.

That leaves the vote, which has its own weaknesses. The biggest is that so many investors don’t hold on to their shares for long—and, obviously, short-termers aren’t as good as long-termers at disciplining and guiding managers. A study by José Miguel Gaspar, Massimo Massa, and Pedro P. Matos found that companies with a large percentage of high-turnover shareholders sold themselves in mergers at a discount, overpaid for acquisitions, and generally underperformed the market. Another issue is that big institutions, which own the lion’s share of stock, tend to have widely diversified portfolios. Owning shares in hundreds or even thousands of companies makes it difficult to focus on the governance and performance of any of them.

As a result, most professional money managers have come to rely heavily on intermediaries—the market leader is Institutional Shareholder Services—to tell them how to vote. It’s better than nothing, which is what most individual investors do, but it’s a standardized and usually superficial sort of oversight. ISS focuses on a handful of governance practices disclosed in public documents, and the evidence that these factors correlate with more-effective governance or corporate success is so far lacking.

Some investors do go beyond the check-the-box approach. The California Public Employees’ Retirement System, or CalPERS, chooses certain companies from its portfolio whose performance and corporate governance practices it regards as below par. It then communicates privately and publicly with the boards and management of those companies to encourage changes in their boardrooms and strategies. Does this work? Early research showed evidence of a positive “CalPERS effect” on the stock price of targeted companies; but since then the effect has faded. Even more activist are the few hedge funds that take large positions in a single company they believe is undershooting its potential and then agitate for changes in strategic direction or the management team. These funds apparently do succeed in increasing stock prices over the medium term—although, as the legal scholar Lynn Stout points out, raising a target company’s stock price is not necessarily equivalent to creating economic value.







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