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Shift from solid fats to oils: To move the intake of oils to recommended levels, individuals should use oils rather than solid fats in food preparation where possible. Strategies to shift intake include using vegetable oil in place of solid fats (butter, stick margarine, shortening, lard, coconut oil) when cooking, increasing the intake of foods that naturally contain oils, such as seafood and nuts, in place of some meat and poultry, and choosing other foods, such as salad dressings and spreads, made with oils instead of solid fats.

Shift from solid fats to oils:

Figure 2-8. Typical Versus Nutrient-Dense Foods and Beverages long sleeved bib shirt White Loewe Professional For Sale kl1GI30mu

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Achieving a healthy eating pattern means shifting typical food choices to more nutrient-dense options—that is, foods with important nutrients that aren’t packed with extra calories or sodium. Nutrient-dense foods and beverages are naturally lean or low in solid fats and have little or no added solid fats, sugars, refined starches, or sodium.

high sodium
low sodium
baked with herbs
plain with fruit
in syrup
fresh or frozen without added sugars

As described in Chapter 1 , in addition to the food groups, other components also should be considered when building healthy eating patterns, including limiting the amounts of added sugars, saturated fats, and sodium consumed. Additionally, for adults who choose to drink alcohol, drinking should not exceed moderate intake, and the calories from alcoholic beverages should be considered within overall calorie limits. Clearance Free Shipping Cheap Sale Cheapest Price Apc Woman Twill Top Black Size 34 APC Many Kinds Of For Sale mlfq1u
The following sections describe total intakes compared to limits for these components, and the leading food categories contributing to this total.

Current Intakes: Added sugars account on average for almost 270 calories, or more than 13 percent of calories per day in the U.S. population. As shown in Figure 2-9 , intakes as a percent of calories are particularly high among children, adolescents, and young adults. The major source of added sugars in typical U.S. diets is beverages, which include soft drinks, fruit drinks, sweetened coffee and tea, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, and flavored waters ( Clearance Big Sale Discount Best Prices TROUSERS Casual trousers Andrea Incontri Outlet Pay With Paypal Buy Cheap Marketable g2uyvOw
). Beverages account for almost half (47%) of all added sugars consumed by the U.S. population ( Figure 2-10 ). The other major source of added sugars is snacks and sweets, which includes grain-based desserts such as cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, doughnuts, sweet rolls, and pastries; dairy desserts such as ice cream, other frozen desserts, and puddings; candies; sugars; jams; syrups; and sweet toppings. Together, these food categories make up more than 75 percent of intake of all added sugars.

While these studies clearly demonstrate the development of the cardiomyocyte lineage from differentiating ES cells, they are carried out in heterogeneous cultures in which these cells represent a minority of the entire population ( Klug et al. 1996 ). As there are relatively few antibodies available for the isolation of cardiac progenitors, investigators have genetically engineered ES cells to enable specific selection of cells representing different stages of development within the lineage. ES cells have been generated to express either drug-resistance or fluorescent genes under the control of promoters that drive expression at specific stages of cardiac development. In the first of these approaches, Klug et al. ( 1996 ) expressed the neomycin-resistance gene under the control of the α-cardiac MHC promoter. With G418 selection at appropriate stages of development, populations highly enriched (>99%) for cardiomyocytes were isolated. When applied to large-scale cultures, this strategy enabled the generation of large numbers of cardiomyocytes ( Womens Zagarpoc Trousers TBS Latest Collections For Sale Free Shipping Low Price Clearance Pre Order Cool zKF00W8s
). Other strategies involve expressing the green fluorescent protein (GFP) from cardiac specific promoters including Nkx2.5 ( Hidaka et al. 2003 ), cardiac α-actin ( Kolossov et al. 1998 ), and myosin light chain-2v ( Outlet Latest Collections Buy Online With Paypal Sonia Rykiel Woman Strapless Tiered Embellished Crepe Maxi Dress Black Size 34 Sonia Rykiel Cheap 2018 Unisex 7AXWIalg
). Expression from myosin light chain-2v was designed to specifically select for ventricular cells from the ES cell differentiation cultures ( Muller et al. 2000 ). Cells selected on this basis displayed electrophysiological properties of ventricular cardiomyocytes, indicating that the strategy was successful.

Several different studies have begun to investigate the mechanisms regulating the development of the cardiac lineage in ES cell differentiation cultures. Parisi et al. ( 2003 ) demonstrated that the EGF-CFC factor Cripto, known to be essential for cardiomyocyte development in vivo ( Ding et al. 1998 ), plays a pivotal role in differentiation of ES cells to the cardiac lineage. Cripto –/– ES cells display a deficiency in generating cardiomyocytes in culture that could be restored by the addition of soluble Cripto to the differentiation cultures. Of interest was the observation that the factor had to be supplied within the first 48 h of differentiation, suggesting that its primary function may be on the induction of mesoderm, which, in turn, differentiates to the cardiac lineage. Notch signaling also plays a role in cardiac development from ES cells ( Women Ready to Wear Women Halter Cotton Voile Shirt Solid SHIRT FIRST Black XXS Vilebrequin Vilebrequin Marketable Cheap Online Discount Shop Wide Range Of Sale Online NI0ExK8i1J
). However, in this case, inhibition of the pathway appears to be important for cardiac differentiation, as ES cells lacking the recombination signal sequence-binding protein Jk, a downstream signaling molecule of all Notch receptors, generate more cardiac cells than wild-type ES cells. Other factors, including BMP2 and FGF2 ( Kawai et al. 2004 ) as well as nitric oxide ( Kanno et al. 2004 ) and ascorbic acid ( Takahashi et al. 2003 ), have been shown to promote or improve cardiomyocyte differentiation in ES cell cultures. As observed with Cripto, the effects of BMP-2 and FGF were most dramatic when the factors were added early in the differentiation cultures, again suggesting that some of the effects may be mediated at the level of mesoderm induction. A role for FGF signaling in ES-cell-derived cardiac development is further supported by the observation that gfr1 –/– ES cells show a marked defect in their ability to differentiate to cardiomyocytes ( Dell'Era et al. 2003 ). Factors produced by visceral endoderm also appear to play a role in cardiomyocyte differentiation as coculture of ES cells with a visceral endoderm-like cell line, END-2, significantly enhanced cardiac development ( Mummery et al. 2002 ). The nature of the END-2-derived molecules responsible for cardiac development remains to be determined.

Miranda Bolar
April 16, 2016

Bonita Tindle spoke out on her Facebook page for the first time since the video of a confrontation between her and a white student with dreadlocks, Cory Goldstein, went viral March 28.

Tindle talked about how her life has changed significantly over the past few weeks regarding the contents of this video. She stated in her Facebook post how the video, now with more than 3 million views, and threatening online comments affected her life.

“In the aftermath, I have been the subject of violence in the form of death threats, rape threats, sexual harassment, and anti-Black hate speech,” Tindle said in her Facebook post from April 11.

The post, which was initially public, no longer appears on Tindle’s public profile.

Some comments went further and leaked her personal information online.

“Further, the racist and misogynistic vendetta against me has resulted in my own personal information including home address, phone number, social media accounts, places of employment and other details about my private life leaked and mass distributed on YouTube comments, Facebook posts, and other Internet forums,” Tindle said.

She went on to talk about how what was caught on camera was not the full story. Tindle claims the incident began with her passing out flyers, and after Goldstein walked by, Tindle joked about his dreadlocks. She says Goldstein then called her a bitch and that part was omitted in the viral video.

“As a black woman, verbal assault by men comes easily as women are dehumanized, objectified and over-sexualized by them,” Tindle said in the post.

Tindle’s story corresponds with witness Maddy Gray. Gray, a communications major at SF State, said the viral video started halfway through the exchange.

“He called her a bitch after she tried to give him a flyer so she went to talk to him about his dreads and not to call her a bitch (naturally),” Gray said in a public Facebook post a day after the initial incident.

Although Goldstein denies calling her a bitch, he posted on Facebook April 2 about how he was sorry for what has happened after the video and wishes they could have spoke in a different way.

“I never called her a bitch,” Goldstein told Golden Gate Xpress. “I’m not that kind of person, that’s not what I’m about, that’s not what I’d do.”

Tindle also had a problem with the way the video was presented online.

“The White male student’s motivation is suspect in that it does not come as an objective point of view, by his own divisive word choice of “assault” (in the title of the video when posted), in order to incite controversy by framing me as the stereotype of the “Angry Black Woman” and the man in the video as a fragile white victim,” Tindle said in her post.

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